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Registration form should be purchased from Office of the Controller of Stores, N.W.Rly. Hasanpura Road, Jaipur. The cost of registration form is Rs.25/- for firms registered with NSIC & Rs.100/- for others.

Criteria for Registration

A) For all firms:

i. Previous year sales turn over should be more than Rs.20 lacs, however this turn over limit is exempted for NSIC/DGS&D registered firms.

ii. Bankers report.

iii. Sales Tax certificate

iv. In case of manufacturers, Factory registration certificate in their name/firms name.

v. Non-banning affidavit.

vi. Digital registration certificate.

B) For firm registered with NSIC/DGS&D:-

i. Valid NSIC/DGS&D certificate

ii. The firm must confirm and produce their registration with Zonal Railway

in whose jurisdiction their workshop/factory is situated . For e.g. a NSIC/ DGS&D.

iii. Performance report from home railway is a must.

C ) Other Firms:-

1. Firms who are authorized agent/dealer of manufacturer ;-

firm located in geographical area of other Railway to be asked to get registered with home Railway first & than approach to this office for registration.

2. In addition to the procedure to be adopted for manufacturer, following procedure shall be adopted before nomination of official for inspection of the authorized agent/dealer:-

a) Scrutiny of authorization certificate i.e. items & period of authorization specified or not

b) Direct confirmation from the firms principal (manufacturer)

c) The sole selling agent/authorized agent/dealer.

3. Trading firms, which are not agent of manufacturer:-

Firm located in geographical area other of Railway to be asked to get registered with home railway first & than approach to this office for registration. For the within the geographical area of NWR, request for registration will be considered only when there are less than 15 firms (manufacturer/authorized agent) registered under the trade groups asked by the firm.

D) Registration of firm is done for a particular monetory limit and trade groups based on their financial capacity, capability and available M&P. A firm is registered into following monitory categories:-

A. Rs.40 lacs and above

B. Up to 40 lacs.

C. Up to 10 lacs

D) Up to 05 lacs

E) Up to 01 lac

Source : North Western Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 08-12-2010