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Maintenance of Law&Order is a State Subject.  This Constitutional responsibility is discharged by the State Governments through their respective Police organizations.  Policing on the Railways, including the trains, is done by the State Governments through the Government Railway Police, an integral part of the State Police Force.  When the Railways were run and managed by private companies, the local governments had deployed a contingent of their police force on the railways for maintaining order.  This contingent has come to be known as Government Railway Police.  The practice is still continued even after the railway companies have ceased to exist.  The name, now, has only historic significance as many states have changed it.  For example, in the state of Kerala, the railway police is known as KRP for Kerala Railway Police.

Thus it can be seen that provision of adequate security to the traveling Public is the responsibility of the State Governments.  Offences committed against the Public and their belongings are reported to the GRP which registers and investigates into the offences.  Prevention of crime on the railways is done by the GRP.  The Railways have a very limited role to play in this regard.  Provision of adequate accommodation to the GRP stations, provision of accommodation to the GRP escorts etc. are the responsibilities of  the Railways.  The Railways also bear 50% of the cost of the GRP personnel.

The Railways have their own security organisation for the protection of their property.  The basic duty of this organisation, the Railway Protection Force, is to provide better security to the Railway Property which includes the Booked Consignments as well as the Railway Material.  This force, constituted under the Railway Protection Force Act, 1957, is maintained by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India.  By virtue of its status as an Armed Force of the Union, the members of the RPF enjoy certain powers.  However, these powers are limited to providing better security to the Railway Property and not the passengers.

Coordination with the state Authorities is essential to ensure adequate security to the passengers.  This is done at all levels- Station, Division, Zone and the Railway Board. The Railway Ministry is very much concerned about the security of the traveling Public.  In fact, the Ministry has proposals to entrust some responsibilities to the RPF like escorting of trains etc.  With a view to assisting the Public on matters relating to crime, we have posted some information on this site.  We hope they stand to benefit from it.  The pages contain some DOs and DON�Ts for our esteemed Customers to ensure a safe travel.  After all, there is no substitute for carefulness and alertness. 

Source : North Western Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 29-06-2011