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Mission Statement of the Force

We shall

Protect and safeguard Railway Property and goods entrusted to Railways.

Promote the safety and security of the travelling public on the Indian Railways 


We shall

Carry on an unrelenting fight against criminals in protecting Railway Property.

Facilitate passenger safety and security by removing all anti-social elements from trains and Railway premises.

Co-operate with other departments of the Railways in improving the efficiency and the image of the Indian Railways.

Act as a bridge between the Government Railway Police/Local Police and the Railway Administration.

Adopt all modern technology and management techniques in the pursuit  of these objectives.


Role and Responsibilities

i.To protect and safe guard Railway Property and to combat crime against  it.
ii.To do any other act conducive to better protection and security of Railway Property.
iii.To remove any obstruction in the movement of Railway Property.
iv.To perform other function of an Armed Force of the Union, and

To exercise powers of Railway Servant as conferred by or under the Indian Railways Act.

Source : North Western Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 29-06-2011