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Ø  Organisation Chart

Open Line

Ø  Duties and Functions

NWR Engineering Officers

Ø  Telephone Directory

HQ office

Ø  RDSO Vender List

RDSO Vendors List(please see Latest vender list on )

Ø  Works & Planning

Budget  2015-16

Pink Book

Ø Rules, Manual & Instructions

Ø NOCs granted for construction of private structures over private land

Ø Way leave cases approval for laying of Cables, Water / Drainage pipelinecrossings

Ø. Important Policy Instructions by Railway Board

Ø  PIO of Engineering Deptt.

N.R.Choudhary, CGE

Room No.205, GM Office. NWR

D.C.Deshwal, Dy. CE/G

RoomNo. 227, GM Office, NWR



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