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                               Issue of ID Cards for Concession based ticketing for Physical Challenged Persons  

          General Information of BKN Division

                         History/Tourist Places of BKN         Infrastructure           
Information under RTI act 2005                   
                         Organization -                    Officer             Inspector         

                                          Commercial Plots                       Mechanized Manual cleaning                                 
                                         Catering/Vending                         Commercial Publicity 
                                        Parking                                            Leasing of SLR 
                                        ATM                                                  JTBS


                          Applicatin formate            Registered Lease holders            Registration Rules

            Stacking/demurrage & wharfage

                         Stacking Permission   -      Application Formate                 Stacking Permited
                        Demurrage & wharfage  -  Application Formate                 Waival Letter
                        Rules for stacking / demurrage & wharfage

           Passenger Amenities

                              Modern stations                    Model stations                         Adrash stations
          Coolies RR Enquiry
          Goods Siding
          Halt Agents
          Leasing for Food Plazas
         Parcel Handling and Transshipment Licenses
         Public Grievance
         Tourist Car Coach and train booking
         UTS PRS UTS cum PRS
         DRUCC Members list

         Rules & Policies

                       Circular Journey Ticket                   Concessions                        Luggage Rules
                       Reservation Rules                          Tatkal Scheme                     
Season Ticket

          Other commercial rules & policies (Railway board site)

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