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A)  Application form for Refund of Freight

B) Application form for Refund of Fare 

(A)Application form for Refund of Freight arising out of error in calculation, error in distance, error in rate etc.:



The Chief Commercial Manager (Refunds)

North Western Railway

Hasanpura Road




                                    Sub: Refund of freight.


            I/We, the undersigned would like to prefer claim for refund of freight. The relevant details are as under:


RR No.______________________________   Date: ______________________

From Station ____________________  To Station    ______________________           

Commodity   _____________________________________________________ 

Consignor    _____________________ Consignee   ______________________ 

Amount of freight paid Rs.___________________________________________ 

Amount of refund claimed Rs.________________________________________ 

Ground for Refund claim ___________________________________________ 

Enclosures     ____________________________________________________ 

Any other information _____________________________________________ 


Address for communication _________________________________________ 



            I request you to refund the excess freight ________________________


            Thanking you,

                                                                                                  Yours faithfully,



                                                                                                  (                            )


(B)Application Form for Refund of Fare:


Application for Refund


No. C 508/II                                                                                    Date: __________









The Chief Commercial Manager (Refunds),

North Western Railway,

Hasanpura Road




            Sub:    Refund of Fare. 

            Under Section 106 & 102 of the Indian Railways Act, I hereby prefer a Claim for Refund of Fare on North Western Railway. 

Particulars of Ticket are detailed below:


1.         From Station to Station        :

2.         Ticket No./PNR No.  :

3.         Train No.                                :

4.         Class                                      :

5.         Date of Journey                     :

6.         Fare Paid                               :           Rs.

7.         Details of Claims                  :          

8.         Reasons for cancellation      :

9.         Remarks, if any                     :


Enclosures:                                                                Yours faithfully,



3.                                                                               Name & Signature

Source : North Western Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 29-06-2011